Welcome to Doug up on Bourke

Doug up on Bourke is one of the largest sources of industrial, commercial, rustic antiques and hard core collectables in Sydney today.

All our stock is sourced in Australia and we specialise in mid 1800's to late 1950's. We have a mindblowing collection of pigeon hole units, timber plan drawers, filing cabinets, rustic kitchen tables and trestle tables, advertising signs and old road signs. There are industrial work benches, old machinery tables, chairs, old bakelite phones, lovely old suitcases and shipping trunks, rustic sawhorses, childrens toys and chairs, enamel and gal buckets , nickle framed showcases, early tram and bus rolls and not forgetting the extensive selection of more than 200 old watering cans.

Make sure you have plenty of time as Doug Up On Bourke is a place to browse, a place to mooch around slowly, a place where surprises lurk and memories of the past come flooding back.

Pay a visit to Doug Up On Bourke, we promise you that your first visit will not be your last. Each time you walk through the doors you will find yet another surprise!